12 Mar 2008

Excusing little black boys

‘Chickens come home to roost’

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu

I came across this interesting article here. After reading this:

The fact of the matter is that the 18th-19th century inherited/ imposed/ accepted Euro-centric British education system has not only totally failed the youths in TnT but, most viciously, it has also successfully imbued in them a sense of worthlessness, nothingness and unpreparedness.

Truth Be Told: The current Euro-centric education system does not equip young people with the vital tools, foundation, direction and security to survive and/or make-it in this “dog-eat-dog” way of life in TnT, 24-7-365.

Today’s youths do not “go to school and learn well.” Instead, after years in public schools, the “3Rs”, namely, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” are alien to them. After years in public schools, these youths can neither read, write, nor think properly–but they can sure as hell beat a Tenor Pan exceedingly well.

After years in public schools, these youths are just allowed to pass through the System and thus, at the end of their putative matriculation, they find themselves as a superbly nothing group. They find themselves shamefully unemployable, unacceptable and unsuitable vis-à-vis the rest of society. They see themselves as miss-fits in society. They now find themselves engulfed in a total failure syndrome with no viable way/avenue to turn. They begin to hate the education system that did this to them. In their limited reasoning capability/capacity, revenge then automatically becomes the order of the day.

The sad reality is that today’s public school is no longer a safe, healthy/humane sanctuary in which young people congregate in order to co-operate on knowledge-based issues. There is no serious academic/educational intercourse between youths. They now engage in a different genre of cellular intercourse in the nation’s public schools–for a very cheap price.

Today’s school is no longer a place where youths bring well-respected and well-held values from well-knit family-home environments. Such domestic/familial values as respect for all adults and those in authority, discipline, personal and communal responsibility and the ultimate value of human life are not innate assets that youths carry in their school bag. Today, youths carry other items therein.

I immediately thought that once again a black man is making excuses for non-achieving black youths.

And it is excuses. There is nothing 'wrong' with the education system, even though education is constantly evolving and can be improved upon. But to blame the education system instead of the black youths who are not disciplined enough to learn? It's the black man's cop out again and again.

Sure, 'educated' and black readers will disagree with me, and agree with the writer I quoted. But when I say that these youths are undisciplined, there is evidence to show I speak truly.

Why are there so many successes within the same education system?? Why are we producing doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, chemists, technicians, engineers, etc?

I personally know several persons from the same education system; one has a Masters in Physics and working towards a PhD in Biomedical Engineering; another has a PhD in Molecular Biology; one is a cardio-thoracic surgeon; I know several doctors, lawyers, a friend working towards a Masters in Chemistry... if these can make it through the same education system, why can't these youths? Because they are not disciplined enough.

They often are in the same classes, in the same lessons as the people who achieve. Where is the difference?

By the way, all the persons I mentioned above, with the exception of one, are 'black'. I hold myself as an example of a child growing up without a father (like the many black youths the writer speaks of) and yet I was disciplined enough to study, to read, to not watch television, to not want things I could not afford, to not steal but work hard. Why can't they?

Because they are excused by the likes of Dr. Kwame Nantambu.

But did he redeem himself?

The fact of the matter is that the abolition of corporal punishment in the nation’s public schools, by accident or unforeseen design, has sowed the seeds of the current germinated/blossomed reckless, inhumane, violent and anti-life behaviour of today’s youths in TnT. As a result, these young people have absolutely no respect for authority, themselves, people their own age, adults, etc.