2 Mar 2008

Executive President, executive jet

I wonder sometimes whether Pa-trick and other politicians think they're smart to believe we, the population are stupid, or that they are too stupid to realise we're actually smart. Well, some of us anyway.

Take Pa-trick in this executive jet fiasco that is quickly being implemented - objections swept aside like dust with a coconut broom, much like the tsunami shelter, a Laventille rhythm section etc. Pa-trick's reasons for doing most things is as solid as an ohrni blowing in the wind.

Now he claims that he is not buying an executive jet. Rather it is Caribbean Airlines, who went to him for finance to buy it.
Manning also pointed out that Caribbean Airlines was run completely on a commercial basis "without any political decision-making associated with the conduct of its economic affairs".
Okay, let's get this straight. It's not Pa-trick's jet, his name will not be on the ownership papers obviously. After all,
"I have no intention of having any personal jet, I can't afford that anyway. My salary does not allow me to buy any jet aircraft... or any aircraft for that matter," Manning said.
Something doesn't really smell right though. He seems to be pulling a Monteil. I think I figured out why Pa-trick keeps Monteil and Browne so close - financial wizardry that baffles even Price Waterhouse Coopers.

When the Prime Minister, controller of state funds, gives approval for state funds to to pass to Caribbean Airlines, a state owned company, to buy an executive jet for state officials...

Or maybe it is to impress the younger voters?

Yet another prop to display and hide the need for Viagra if you ask me.
...the Government's provision of energy sector expertise to several West African countries "calls for increased travel by certain officers of the State".
Implying of course that our 'experts' in energy get to travel by executive jet to Africa. What the hell wrong if they take a commercial flight? After all, is not like they going overnight, tell the Africa 'do this, do that' and then return. No, each visit may well be over several weeks. So the executive jet is now to become the highest priced taxi service in the world.

I wrote once that Pa-trick's mouth and arse seems interchangeable, so they spew the same shit. I see no reason to change that opinion.