4 Mar 2008

Fantasy Island

Towards the end of the seventies and into the early 80s, there was a very popular television programme called Fantasy Island and on this island lived the "Boss" who was a very dapper gentleman and his midget sidekick whose name was "Tattoo."

Now on this island, tourists could come and live out any fantasy they desired.

The island was breathtaking, with rich, lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches and exquisitely designed buildings, the latter being a pet subject of the "Boss" who insisted on having the very best. His suits were impeccably tailored, his cars well kept and his house built for any emperor.

At the beginning of each episode, a plane would arrive bringing the guests who were to act out their fantasies; and the familiar call from "Tattoo" the sidekick, would be "Da plane, da plane"

On having read the papers of March 1 about our Government wanting to acquire a jet, Fantasy Island sprung to mind for we already have the dapper-looking gentleman, the palace, the cars, and soon the side kick "Tattoo" will make the announcement "da plane, da plane has arrived"

Somehow we never did get to see the other parts of Fantasy Island where, no doubt, the natives lived.

C Peters