1 Mar 2008

Flexing the smaller us muscle

Pa-trick seems to think he lives in the big US of A. Unfortunately he lives in the much smaller Caribbean region.

Despite this, he definitely wants to emulate the lifestyle of George 'Dubya' Bush. Now he wants a private jet, like Airforce One. Okay, maybe not now. He has been after one since 2006, solidified the idea in 2006 and is about to acquire one in 2008.

Maybe it's just me; while I appreciate the idea that as the head of the state he may need to travel more frequently than I do, I think a private jet is a bit over the top for a small country like Trinidad.

I am sure any airline would accommodate him in travel arrangements to any destination they fly. Since flights leave Piarco nearly every hour or even more regularly, then he literally can be aboard a flight in a few hours, literally as soon as he is ready. Why then this overriding need of a private jet?

Status. He wants to appear to be a BIG man in the small yard he runs in.

Ask yourself though - what happens to the jet when he is not travelling? We pay for storage, hanger facilities, maintenance, retaining a pilot on standby, etc etc.

Coupled with all the monumental rises in building skylines in PoS, and other props, I am seeing Pa-trick as needing a boost to his ego, since the boost not appearing elsewhere. Maybe I ought to send him a Viagra shipment?

I just hope I can withstand the expected corruption that will be revealed in the purchase of the jet.

In the meantime, Pa-trick flexing the smaller us muscle.