28 Mar 2008

Gee dem good

Setting up T&T for jet purchase

Caribbean Airlines stated that "the airline will therefore continue to explore opportunities to establish such an operation in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas of civil aviation today."

"The presence of the anchor client—in this case the Government of T&T—remains central to the viability of any future venture."

Do these two statements together make any sense? If executive jet travel is growing so fast then it must be viable. So why do you need an anchor client to absorb potential losses? Why are we talking losses in this "fastest growing area?" And, in this scenario, even if CA does not show a loss, doesn't the Government and the taxpayer lose?

And, given the above statements, what are we to make of the following by Minister Imbert: "The US is close to a recession. Therefore a number of executive jets may become available in the near future as US corporations may change their minds about acquiring a jet."

People are actually giving up their jets in this "fastest growing area?" These corporations with more money than the gross domestic product of T&T realise that buying these jets is bad business but the mighty Caribbean Airlines, which depends on handouts from the Government for its survival, thinks it's a great business opportunity? Clearly, profit is not its motive.

Fastest growing area of civil aviation? Anchor client? Jets becoming available? I think we are being set up for the next round.

Noel Kalicharan

UWI, St Augustine