2 Mar 2008

An idiot in his glory

THE EDITOR: Recently a teacher on the TV news blamed parents for the bad behaviour of students. I am compelled to ask her whether all parents have the knowledge and values required for successful child rearing. Furthermore, can parental upbringing prevail against peer pressure?

This is an extract of a letter to the Editor of the Newsday by one David Subran.

While he has a valid point in the 5th paragraph of his letter:

My advice to those in control of education is to bring together local experts in education, curriculum development, and educational research, who can be found in the Schools of Education and the various education discussion groups.

the essence of his rant doesn't make sense. Not to me anyway. Hey, if parents aren't the ones who 'have the knowledge and values for successful children rearing' then why have children in the first place? And if you do, is it fair to pass on your mistakes to teachers in schools to correct? As I mentioned in my blog before, teachers have reared their own children, in many cases. Why now to act as surrogate parents in the golden years?

I have to say, sometimes I do get annoyed at people who open their gob (as we say in England) without thinking.

One can be a success or failure as a parent... but essentially one grows into parenthood, one does not have to be 'trained' into parenting.

Ask yourself though.. is it the culture of the parents that is to blame?