19 Mar 2008

Little Chinee Boy

Dr Philip Ayoung-Chee is 'manners' by the San Fernando General Hospital as if he was a little boy. He was suspended for failure to write an essay on the benefits of using scrubs.

Okay, I may be wrong but won't that be one of the first things any medical student or nursing student learns? Or maybe SFGH just wants to reinvent the wheel?

I'm sure medical journals would also have scads of written articles on this; so to ask Dr Ayoung-Chee to write this must be an attempt to muzzle his outspoken and critical attitude of SFGH or to demean him into looking like a little Chinee boy.

Having met Dr Ayoung-Chee, I know that he probably escalated the situation, as he has an attitude where he sees himself above certain things... one of which would be the order to write an essay as if he was back in primary school. Still, he would have a certain amount of disrespect for the notion of being treated like a little Chinee boy, and yes, would be ticked off enough not to do it.

On the other hand, this must be an attempt by SFGH to make an example of a doctor - for not accepting administrative duties in their posts.

"MPATT has received a number of complaints from the most senior and highest performing doctors about a directive instructing them to redirect their energies to administrative paper-pushing duties at the expense of clinical duties such as seeing and managing patients," MPATT noted.

In this regard, doctors are clearly incorrect in their stance. Senior doctors have a duty of care greater than their junior counterparts, one of which is to ensure their departments and staff are on the ball. Naturally this has administrative duties involved, and if the admin duties are high then this is a necessary evil.

If a doctor prefers to function in clinical roles then s/he should refuse promotions and stay within the specifications of the lower positions.

There is no right answer here, but clearly both sides need to slow down and take a look at themselves and do what is best to push medical facilities and care forward; certainly it will be an improvement over killing so many patients through abject negligence.