4 Mar 2008

Look, Jack, before you speak

I have a eye for fine things I would say. Not fine as in excellence, but fine as in things being missed by the majority of persons.

For example, Arthur Lok Jack the CEO of Caribbean Airlines commented:

Lok Jack, who is in the Bahamas holding talks with people in the airline business, stressed that "from the minute they appointed me as chairman of CA the Government has never, ever, ever, ever, ever interfered. It has been a straight case of hands-off as far as Caribbean Airlines is concerned".

So here is where it all goes a bit odd in my mind.

CA is a government owned airline. It is managed by Lok Jack on behalf of the people of the nation, and overseen by the government. Yet the government does NOT SEE FIT TO CHECK UP ON THIS COMPANY?

Complete autonomy? Does this apply to WASA, UTT, T&TEC, TSTT, etc and this is the reason they are all a drain on the people? Is it that we are being screwed up our nether hole with the government turning a blind eye? Well, yes the latter is true, but you know what I mean.

The things that make me go hmmm....