16 Mar 2008

No more cheap foods

Mariano Browne says no more cheap foods. I beg to disagree.

The excuses given that there is a worldwide price hike on food may be true, but actually some foods have been dropping in price here in the UK. With the exception of cheese and milk by a few pence, I haven't seen any significant rise in prices. Or maybe I shop at the wrong places?

I have seen the BBC reporting that one supermarket has dropped the price of chickens to under £2. So for chicken prices in Trinidad to be $10.50 a pound reeks of some price fixing. Why? Production costs in the UK are astronomical compared to Trinidad where the cost of labour and utilities (water, electricity etc) are a whole lot less.

Farming in Trinidad too has not yet reached the type of production costs that the UK sees. Maybe it is time the government subsidises the farmers in T&T as the UK government does.

I wrote before that Browne has ways to supplement his income, as does Pa-trick, Tattoo et al. Is de small fry without the private jet who will suffer.