10 Mar 2008

Once a duncey...

Duncey police officers in Trinidad like to think that because they are appointed to uphold the law, that obeying the law is not for them. In other words, they think they are above the law.

Small examples abound around us daily... the ones who stop off at a bar for a beer (the sun hot right?) and not even bothering to hide from any passers-by etc; the ones who use their sirens to beat traffic and in the process force more obedient and law abiding citizens onto pavements, off the roads (sometimes damaging their cars in the process); the ones who talk to the public as if they are above you in intellect and ability (although the truth is far from their own opinion)...

To see an article such as this where eyewitnesses saw a duncey 'break' a line of traffic in his hurry to beat a traffic light, and plough straight into two young university students... well, it ticks me off to no end.

No need to recount the losses here. One police vehicle out of commission (notice the big bar in front and look at the damage to the other car), one Lancer in no shape to be repaired, two students in pain and also missing important classes (a setback is an understatement).



It is obvious this duncey is another of those who failed in the education system and did not learn common manners and courtesy. I don't suppose he is able to read well, else I'd have pointed him to Marguerite Gordon's weekly column on etiquette. Even if someone reads it for him though, years of bad habits might be too difficult to break.

I am wondering what action will be taken against him by his colleagues.

Once a duncey, indeed.