9 Mar 2008

One man alone

There is a line in the movie 'Payback' (Mel Gibson and Maria Bello) which says something to the effect that if one goes high enough up the chain of command, you will find that decisions sooner or later are decided by ONE man.

In other word, the buck stops with one man and one man only. One man can shoulder the blame.

Given that food prices are skyrocketing (I've never seen anything close to this where even chicken prices in Trinidad are $10.50 a pound), crime is so uncontrollable that judges are forced to speak about it and try to embarrass the government to take its collective head out of Pa-trick's arse to do its job... who do you reckon that one man is?

Pa-trick? You'd be wrong.

Sure, he ignores the people, screws his own party members and compensates for drooping manliness by acquiring all manner of pseudo phalluses from tall buildings to Bombardier jets. Then again, this is the norm for 'born again' Christians who regularly fleece the flock. Since he has close ties with Benny Who, I mean Hinn, he naturally wants to follow the man who mentors him, so private jet it is. Look out though, soon Pastor with the jheri curls in Central will want one too, and then maybe a private landing strip in Central.

Bush? Well, he is responsible for a world-wide recession in the making, higher food and transport costs around the world, an expensive war where there are no winners but hundreds of thousands of losers, contributes to global warming and an intellectual decay among world leaders... but affecting Trinidad? Not really.

But I digress...

Who is the one man who has Trinidad as fucked up as it is?

The old Bas of course. Another Viagra derelict, Bas showed us all corruption is okay, being rude and insulting to the press (and public) is admirable, but most of all, he showed us that if you fuck up properly the first time, then you show that any successive government has nothing to fear from you.. and that is why Pa-trick can continue to feed his ego. He was made into a tin god in a tin suit, by one man, and one man alone.