28 Mar 2008

The Plot Thickens

PM’s son victim of syndrome too

It is a well known though not acknowledged fact that there has developed in our nation over the past number of decades a dependency syndrome where handouts are the norm in order to ensure an unbroken no-matter-what-our-vote-is-safe chain.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Prime Minister’s son seems to have fallen a victim of this syndrome as evidenced by his fairly recent “basketball dollar” request and more recently his HDC request for a home.

Is there a line I can jump?

P King


I myself would be interested to find out what happened to $9M given to Pa-trick's son. No basketball league in sight, and no money either. Any idea if his gambling debts are paid up?

I bet though, before the end of this year he will have a house.

Is the other son coming home for house, money, land and car too?