11 Mar 2008

Reading for meaning

When I discovered books, I discovered a whole new way of life... a place where my imagination and thoughts took wings and just flew!

I hate to admit it, but I was actually the nerdy, bookish geek in school who had to be chased out of the classroom to go play 'in fresh air' by the teachers. Yep, I even snuck a book under my desk and would read while classes were going on - usually reading something totally unrelated to the topic at hand of course.

I am encouraging Punks to read. My efforts have so far led me to an old favourite 'Backfire' and Punks especially loves the story Ramgoat Salvation.

In time I hope to introduce her to Samuel Selvon, Michael Anthony, Derek Walcott and others. Yes, even VS Naipaul whose Miguel Street is a classic I still enjoy.

Reading brings thrills but more importantly she can observe correct spellings, grammar and see how writers use words to paint their pictures. Reading for meaning as it were.