6 Mar 2008

Son of a duncey!

I'm not surprised; one of the men wanted in connection with the death of Justice of the Peace Carlton Best is the son of a police inspector (I predict now he will be released and never be found guilty of any criminal activity).

Dunceys think they are a law onto themselves; have you ever tried to speak to one of the upper ranked boys? Aside from not able to comprehend English, you're forced to speak in sentences of 4 to 5 words, each not more than 5 letters. But aside from the dunceys themselves, they pass the stupidity to their offspring (genetics?) as well as the attitude.

So this story doesn't surprise me in the least. What also does not surprise me is the fact that there are other warrants out for this chap (and despite the fact that his daddy-o is an inspector) the duncey force could not find him to arrest him.
There are warrants in the San Fernando Police Station for the arrest of the officer's son for other criminal charges.
I guess if Mr Best wasn't killed, he would be allowed to continue his crime spree.
Only in Trinidad, eh.