11 Mar 2008

Taking the piss

One of the things that pisses me off, and I know it does many people, is the amount of pseudo-legal action going on in Trinidad courts. Seldom is it that a case is tried, decided and done with.

The American culprits arrested and probed in the Airport corruption scandal have been sentenced and have nearly served their time. In Trinidad, the culprits are filing frivolous and idiotic legal actions, counter actions etc. and are still fighting an extradition, much less getting close to their real trial.

Take Shermie McNicolls. Slapped with 6 counts of disciplinary charges by the JLSC, he opted to go to court to challenge them. Why the hell do we have a JLSC for then, if they not able to discipline this man?

Anyway, Shermie wants the court to decide. The court did; threw out 4 charges and let 2 stand. Of course that doesn't please Shermie (he pull a Panday here, like letting Robbie decide who to be PM then vex when it wasn't him). Nope, Shermie wants to keep going to court till he gets HIS way, that is all charges dropped.

Notwithstanding the fact that High Court Judge Justice Peter Jamadar ordered the JLSC to drop four of six disciplinary charges brought against him, McNicolls is still pressing forward with a challenge of the decision to initiate interdiction/suspension proceedings against him under Regulation 89 of the Public Service Commission Regulations. In his appeal, he is arguing that no charges should be left standing whatsoever.

Hang on a bit... is he paying his own legal bills? No way, Jose. Shermie's bills are footed by the state.

So yes, he could afford to drag this issue out till he retires, with full benefits, in June or July. Talk about taking the piss...