7 Mar 2008

Truth in a pen

Perusing the newspapers today, I came across several articles that are both enlightening and spot on.

Take Reggie Dumas for instance. Consistently pointing out where the powers that be get it wrong time after time, his analysis is often dead accurate, and would be an embarrassment if the culprits did not have skins of crapaud leather.

This Express editorial clearly makes a liar out of Imbert-cile, now being called 'Tattoo' (or the short sidekick of Fantasy Island) who staunchly defends his boss regardless of right or wrong. Well, when you wield the big stick, you're never wrong anyway. Tattoo though holds the record so far for the crapaud leather award.

Prince Charles clearly thinks it right

That Princes fly Commercial flight

But Patrick tells us loud and clear

That Emperors fly Bombardier.

King Corbeau


The cost of the jet? Kinda high.

I'm sure this is not the end though, and I will continue to highlight the idiocies I see.