5 Mar 2008

Two sides to a story

Monday's headlines blared the news about Mr Harold Nathai, a teacher who tragically died after being charged with fondling a 13 years old child. It seems he suffered a heart attack while driving home after being granted bail on the charges.

Just a couple of observations.

The stress of being placed in a situation where his entire life of dedication and assistance to students has been tarnished on the (yet) unproven words of one pupil must have killed this man as surely as we know Pa-trick getting an executive jet. I am quite sure in my mind that the heart attack he suffered from must be triggered by the stress of this situation and not because of any ill health... indeed no article mentioned previous history of cardiac problems.

Unofficial word filtering to me though pointed to another side of the story.

It seems that the uncle of the girl is (allegedly) a duncey, who together with the girl's father (a known drug dealer apparently) tried to 'shake down' Mr Nathai. Since he refused to pay them extortion money, he was set up by the duncey uncle and father (after being duly threatened he still refused to give in), which makes me wonder at the mentality of these people who would use a child to their own gains. I am sure if that child is questioned in an impartial environment, the full story will come out. But that impartial environment will never be provided by the dunceys of course, nor be found in Trinidad.

I don't know that a man who never had problems of this sort will show a girl a pornographic movie and fondle her in another room while several of her peers are in an adjacent room and can walk in at any time. That story is about as believable as Jonah swallowing the whale.

On the other hand, a story in which a duncey sets up a man? Guess which one I tend to believe?