25 Mar 2008

Typical dunceys

In typical fashion of duncey criminals, we now have duncey police thinking they can't be touched by the law. Why is it that putting the uniform on makes these dunceys feel superior to the rest of us?

I mean, stealing a portion of drugs to resell? You don't think the people you seize it from will know how much they had? Or that they will open their mouths to say so?

But duncey display of their mighty muscles and little brain cells isn't the only thing that prevents Monkey Island from having a fair judicial system. We also have corruption and grafts within the system, from duncey police to duncey magistrates and judges. While the few battle valiantly on, we have the majority concerned only with themselves (and their pockets).

One justification used by the authorities is always that crime is not always happening in one particular area, but all over.

A senior official at the Arima Police Station, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that there "has been a general increase of crime in that area" based on the number of reports they have been receiving. He pointed out that there were several communities throughout the country which were now grappling with crime and not just this particular community.

This then become the mantra for not getting off their arses, and doing the job they are paid for.

Monkey Island, never to progress if you ask me.