26 Mar 2008


In response to my post on Typical Dunceys, one reader has revealed that her home was recently broken into and personal items stolen. The reaction of the police beggars belief, but this post is not just about her or that situation per se.

Some months ago, there was a program on British television that showed a couple of reformed house breakers breaking into people's home to show how easily it can be done. The owners were invited to watch via cameras how their home security was not up to scratch.

Usually the owners would burst into tears at the act. Their explanation, given at the end of the program stressed how violated they felt; to know that their home, their sanctuary was no longer a safe haven.

I'm guessing that this might be similar to a rape; the victim's safety is violently torn asunder with no more concern than you or I would pick a flower off a bush.

So I can understand somewhat what my reader is going through. I can only hope that putting it behind will be less traumatic, and hopefully never happen again.