6 Mar 2008

Visitors on warning

The UK government has made changes to the 'norm' that Trinidadian (and other Caribbean) people come to expect as routine when travelling.

Yep, when we travel, it will not be normal to not take that roti, or doubles, etc to the hard-up relatives abroad.

The wise British though have clamped down on that. There is now a £5000 penalty for bringing foodstuff into the UK.

Last Sunday, my neighbour's mother-in-law came from Trinidad. She was telling me how many people had to throw away paratha, dhalpourie, and other foodstuff at the airport (Gatwick). Bags and bags full, and many a tear was shed according to her account.

Good thing I can cook my own, eh?

Next weekend I have my own visitor. A friend from Trinidad with whom I always maintained contact even after I moved to England. I am happy to say she finally accepted one of my numerous invitations to come and do the tourist bit. It's still a bit cold for the Trini blood in her, but I am sure we will manage.

Since travel to the UK (also other countries) is getting harder and harder due to immigration restrictions, I recommend to all you dear people out there - don't keep putting off that trip you've been planning all these years. Take the plunge, do it now while you can.