5 Mar 2008

Your tube for music

As I write this, the newspapers in Trinidad have not yet been updated online. Since I mainly comment on the shite I see making the news, there goes my blog today. Well, until later anyway.

Lately I've become a fan of French singer Alizée, since I saw her video for La Isla Bonita.

I have to admit, she's easy on the eyes (^_^). But she really is talented, and though most of her music is French, I have to say they are infectious in rhythm. I have a DVD of one of her concerts, and especially when listened to in DTS surround sound, it is very good. Check out her videos on You Tube.

I'm not a big fan of You Tube, (nor Facebook etc) but sometimes while looking up other stuff in Google, I'll be referred to You Tube.

During one of my rare sojourns to You Tube, I was amazed at the amount of music available from Indian (aka Bollywood) movies. Especially older ones.

I guess you can find anything on You Tube.