31 Mar 2008

Youths and manners

I have an issue.

As a manager responsible for hiring youths and training them in my workplace, several times I had met youths coming to interviews and (subsequently) to work with their pants hanging half-way down their arse. Sometimes even not-so-clean underwear or an unsightly arse crack stared at me when the culprit bent over for any reason.

Nothing seemed to help. Threatening expulsion from the training program was seen as discrimination for the way they dressed. Frankly, I don't see a workplace as a street corner to hang out, and I take issue with this dress code that is quickly becoming the norm for untrained ill-mannered louts.

My latest tactic is to tell them I am willing to go to the nearby prison and get them a 'boyfriend'. So far, it's been working. The pants come up, the belt is tightened and work goes on.