17 Apr 2008

Abusing authority

I have written before about dunceys thinking they are God's gift to the female population. Here is another story in the Guardian about a duncey having sex, while on a raid, on duty, no doubt in uniform, with a 14 years old Columbian girl!

She was told if she had sex with an officer, she would not be taken to the police station.

Maria, who arrived in the country 15 days before by boat, hesitated.

She was scared to be deported back to Colombia but her greater fear of the police won out.

She submitted.

A police officer stood guard while the other officer had sex with her.

She was left in her room while the other women were taken away.

Gary Hughes, owner of the bar and hotel the raid took place in had this to say:

Prostitute 3 "Many police officers come here...From superintendents and upwards," he claimed.

"They come here and buy girls.

"Look at this...It have about 75 to 100 girls in (name called) which is just a few blocks down from the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.

"You don't hear about that place being raided.

"Officers does come here, leave their gun in the office and go upstairs," he said.

In the first instance, having sex with a 14 years old is statutory rape so I hope action is taken. I also hope he is disciplined for the laws he flagrantly broke while supposedly on duty.

In the second instance, I wonder if I can get some unemployed person to sit outside these hotel(s) with a camera and take photos of these dunceys in uniform visiting the women. I would love to post those pictures I tell you. Any volunteers?