18 Apr 2008

Another case of stupidity

Usually, as a Grumpy Old Man, I am all for keeping things fair and equal. Many a time I personally find forms of political correctness distasteful and stupid to say the least. Most times it is done in an effort to please a minority who could f**k off for all I care. (I know Captain Walker going take me to task for that statement).

This one is a doozy though. A man and his son are banned from a public council swimming pool because they are not Muslims. No joke! Read it in the Daily Mail.

Sometimes it is plain to see common sense going out the window, and the rights of the minority being promoted over the rights of the majority. A time must come when inclusion makes sense. If the public swimming pool in this case caters to all, then all it must be. If Muslims don't want to be included in the 'all', f**k off and build your own pool.

Alas, there should be a time to say no, enough is enough. F**k off.

Your rights end where mine begins.