25 Apr 2008

Bad drive?

The Police Social and Welfare Association yesterday expressed condolences to the family of police constable Darryl Darlington.

Darlington succumbed to injuries yesterday morning, after being involved in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon.

He had been warded at the Port of Spain General Hospital in a critical condition since the accident.

Sources say before his death, Darlington was visited by family and friends and told them he was given a bad drive. Darlington was paralysed from the neck down and had several severe injuries, and reportedly confided to his friends and family that he did not think he would survive.

Police reports state that around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Darlington was driving his car along the Eastern Main Road in Valencia, when he was given a bad drive. He lost control of his car and crashed into a bar.

Valencia police are continuing investigations.

Perhaps if the dunceys did their jobs and patrolled the roads instead of chasing white-skinned Columbian women and drinking in rum shops, we'd have less crash dummies and less 'bad drives'.

What the hell is a bad drive anyway?