21 Apr 2008

Boots, boots and more boots*

I couldn't believe this story at first. I mean, what the hell is an army soldier doing with army uniforms and boots at his home? Surely there is something amiss here; is he one of those that rents out the uniforms? Aren't these to be kept in stock at the army base until issued?

I did not notice any mention that the soldier is an officer, in which case I wonder which is worse; an officer who has uniforms stashed at home, or a lower ranking soldier with uniforms stashed at home.

Is he under any discipline? Will the duncey who is investigating ever do more than question the soldier and perhaps write a report in the diary following? Are there any suspects, evidence of break-ins etc?

Sometime within the next 5 days or so, the higher-ups will issue a quiet order, this will fizzle away like a damp match in rain, and we will be back to being robbed and murdered - by 'soldiers in uniforms'.

*Gabby (Government Boots)