8 Apr 2008

The brilliance of corruption

I admit, I don't have a head for corruption, breaking laws and other such activities. I tend to think of schemers as a brilliant breed, really.

A friend told me recently of a chap who escaped a fine after driving down the shoulder at high speed (in England this is a no-no). He contested the ticket and told the magistrate that he had an attack of diarrhoea. Since he feared being a risk to other drivers, he thought it best he get off the roads as quickly as possible.

See? I would never have thought of that. Would you?

In a similar manner, I knew Robert Mugabe would find a way to stay in power in Zimbabwe. Short of an open war, I did not know how. Perhaps I can't think 'dutty' as we say in Trinidad, a fact that my ex uses all the time to her advantage.

But the brilliance of Mugabe and his advisers is astounding. Having lost the count of votes to the opposition, Mugabe (still in power as the incumbent) has arrested people involved in counting the votes, under the charges of fraud and criminal abuse. He alleges they under counted voted for him. See what I mean? Sheer brilliance.

Now a recount can add as many votes for him as needed to stay in power. Despite many days since the election, no results have been released, being somehow delayed. The opposition's calls for a court to order the release is unheeded.

Can you doubt that the longer the official count is delayed, the better the chances the votes rise in favour of Mugabe?