26 Apr 2008

But will it happen?

Reggie Dumas has quite a lot to say on the Rowley/Manning affair. And not at all nonsense either.

Eudine Job-Davis, former PNM minister:

Job-Davis said the key issue now was no longer Rowley.

"People need to stop talking about attitudes and behaviour—the fundamental issue now is Udecott," she said.

"The people need to know what the real issues are concerning Rowley's concerns about Udecott.

"Before this goes any further and messier, pending any further information we must demand an investigation into Udecott's operations.

"This isn't about personalities anymore...We can't cloud the issue with behaviour or ancillary matters."

Job-Davis said Rowley was a senior MP and minister.

"When a person of that ilk and rank is concerned about the operations of a state agency, the Government shouldn't shoot the messenger," she said.

"They need to do their work and find out whether the operations are above board and transparent.

"There is no way T&T can sit back and allow this to rest.

An investigation into Udecott is a priority at this point— if a senior government minister like Keith is fired for trying to deal with something concerning a government project, the country needs to stand up and take note."

Rowley himself had this to say.