4 Apr 2008

Chaos, anarchy? Nope, PNM!

I started thinking about crime this morning, after reading the headlines in the Express. The Guardian also carries a report on this incident.

Now I'm seeing several types of crime being perpetrated on the population:

  1. Shootings, which are now as normal as eating a doubles.
  2. Hit and run accidents.

There is a lot more of course. I've barely scratched the surface of the situation citizens face.

My thoughts run to the randomness of these crimes, some with no obvious intended victims; merely a lot of 'collateral damage'. Well, even our Prime Minister thinks the victims are just collateral damage (the BBC reported on this) so its not a surprise that we are unimportant.

Trevor Paul already knows the bombing is not related to those of 2005; how he investigated that between yesterday and today eludes me, when some cases several years old can't be solved. Case in point - the bombing yesterday is already (at least partially) solved but those from 2005 are still in limbo.

So why can't other cases be solved with the same speed? By the way, this the same idiot who landed in the middle of a crime scene with a helicopter, messing up all the evidence. I don't have much hope he has the ability to conduct a jockey shorts - I mean, a briefing, much less an investigation.

My thoughts run on the really arrogant way the government (and Pa-trick) treat citizens with scant courtesy; we are really inconsequential.

Crime has been on a roller-coaster runaway, food prices rising till people are resorting to stealing from transport trucks carrying food, and this seems to be the tip of the ice berg - I am sure worse is to come.

Where it will end, I shudder to think; in the meantime, the government is considering all its options to acquire a private jet before tackling high food prices that is causing a panic situation in the country. What next?

Ah cyah even say looting because its happening already.

We're well on the way to chaos ( I dislike that word because chaos follows rules), but anarchy - well within sight.