19 Apr 2008

The Columbian connection

I feel like I am writing the script for a Jackie Chan movie here.

This morning it was pointed out to me that the dunceys are having a ball (in more ways than one as we know) searching out and arresting Columbian sex workers. Well, technically, they are English-study students, but somehow they end up on these hotels of ill repute...

The latest is that 19 more have been arrested. One part of me wants to sing, clap and shake a bell like a Baptist on Shouter's Day... the dunceys working; but I can't help a few niggling thoughts from peeping out my mind...


  • Is this a sort of payback for workers and hotel managers who 'squealed' on the dunceys?
  • Funny how they working so diligently in a job where they see/meet sexually active and attractive women, and you can't get the same alacrity in pursuing robberies, assaults, homicides... thinking with the small head there again, aren't you, boys?
  • I wonder how many of the dunceys wore masks this time; and how many can be identified as customers by the women?
  • Will any action be taken against those so identified? Or will their brethren clap them on the back and congratulate them as sampling fine goods?

Like any good Jackie Chan movie, there is room for plot twists here, so keep an eye out. The Columbian connection is sure to become a good franchise...