30 Apr 2008

Crime rampages on

Despite the commess and bacchanal raised over Pa-trick's firing of Keith Rowley, food prices are still high giving rise to more cases of  preadial larceny than ever.

Bandits are not only content with mere robbing either. Now they are more vicious, committing violent crimes as a matter of course. Indeed, if a person is a victim s/he has to thank God (in whatever form they worship) that they are alive.

Take these several examples, committed with a matter of hours.

  • In critical condition at hospital last night were 58-year-old Sooklal Atwaroo and his son, Premnath, 27, of Teak Avenue, Claxton Bay. Premnath and Sooklal were chopped and shot in front of Premnath's wife and 5 years old son.
  • The same men using the same red car then broke into the home of 28-year-old Glenroy Charles at 12.10 a.m., and chopped him on the head and body, and stole jewellery worth $5,400.

  • Twenty-five minutes later, the men were at the home of Ezikiel Samuel, 42, at Parforce Road, Gasparillo. Samuel was chopped four times-once across the head-and robbed of $400.

  • Mini-mart owner Mustapha Mohammed and his wife, Aneesa,  had just closed their business place at Savonetta, Couva, when the gang came. Mohammed was chopped on the head and beaten and the men stole jewellery, money and cellphones.

  • The men who broke into the home of a family in Tabaquite spared the men, but shot the woman who lived there six times. Twenty-year-old Miranna Sammy was hit in the chest, face, legs and arms.

  • GUNMEN reportedly made two attempts to kill a Maraval man on Monday afternoon, but he survived and remains under heavy police guard at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

In the meantime, the dunceys don't even have diaries to record observations or make notes at crime scenes.

The sad part of this as I have commented before, is not that crime is targeting certain sects of society (gangs or drug dealers) as everyone is mentioning to me... but the randomness that it can quickly affect any person. In a matter of seconds a life or two is lost, with no more a second thought than you'd think when blowing out a candle.

If you survive, you can be sure than months or years of hard work will be lost.

It makes me wonder, yet again, at the people who could vote an ineffectual government in power, and then dream of better times. Makes me wonder too that more aren't leaving, as Captain Walker says, by the 'grap' in rafts.