17 Apr 2008

Different strokes

When CoP Trevor Paul banned police officers in January 2008 from sports, he cited that the manpower was needed to fight the escalating crime problem.

On January 17, Police Commissioner Trevor Paul banned some 200 police officers from playing sports outside of the Police Service, insisting that all resources were needed in the fight against crime.

Of course, then there were all sorts of objections from the different sections of the police service, including the Police Social and Welfare Association. Now however,

The Police Social and Welfare Association is calling for a boycott of this year's Police Service sports and all activities leading up to it in order to deal with crime effectively.

"We are calling for a boycott of the Sports Day for two reasons; the present ban on sporting activities and the fact that the sports club is operating illegally," Neil Warner-Paul secretary of the association said during an interview at Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, yesterday.

He accused the officers in the Savannah of trying "to get away from police duties" as well as those engaged in practice sessions for the march past competition.

"That is contradictory because he (the Commissioner) cited prevalence of crime as the reason for the ban on sports but we don't know that crime has decreased since the ban and right now we have a waste of resources."

On the other hand, acting commissioner Glen Roach 'said he looked forward to police officers full participation at their sports day.'

Funny how these dunceys can always find an angle to support their own views. I bet all my dollars that the sports day will go ahead as planned... any chance for dunceys not to work you know...

Read more here, it gets better.