24 Apr 2008

Filing assets?

PNM councillor Dhansam Dhansook is a among a list of eleven persons who have failed to furnish the Integrity Commission with “further particulars” in relation to declarations of income, assets and liabilities for 2006.

Dhansook, a councillor in the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation is also listed as failing to furnish the Commission with such particulars for the year 2004.

Two notices, listing persons who have not provided the Commission with further particulars to their declared assets were published on Monday by the Commission Registrar Martin Farrell in accordance with Section 11(6) of the Integrity in Public Life Act 2000.

Also on the list published for not providing further particulars for 2006 are Patricia Meijas, the chairman of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation as well as Cynthia Alfred, a member of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

They are joined by: Rita Portillo, a Permanent Secretary, Nelson Sinnette and Irene Hinds, both councillors of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, Glen Ram a councillor with the Mayaro/Rio Claro Corporation, Phillip Salazar and Doodnath Mayrhoo, councillors of the Siparia Regional Corporation, Patricia Baptiste of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation and Carol Charles a councillor of the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation.

The Commission will now have the power to approach the High Court for an order to get the persons listed to comply with the Act under Section 11(6). Failure to comply with such an order could result in a fine of $150,000, under the Act.

Regular readers of this blog know I don't care much for Panday. In fact, in taking him to task I have been called a 'Panday basher' on occasion.

Frankly, I give the government and PNM etc as just as good. Hence the reason I am highlighting the information above.

Clear reports by the Integrity Commission on the people who fail to comply with the law, and yet the IC is not bringing charges against them. Only against Panday.

Is it because the people so named are all PNM members??