12 Apr 2008

Giving teeth to bulldogs

I am ever sceptical when dunceys claim that people shot at them first, then in self defence they shoot and kill said persons. In one case, relatives claimed the dunceys ran into the yard, put a gun to the head of the victim, blew his brains out and then claimed self defence.

In a more recent one, a man returning from a shop at night was held by police, made to kneel and then beaten, dragged to another location and shot 21 times. The muzzle of the gun was placed so close to his chest that a huge hole was made, and even his pants had over 10 bullet holes in it.

Now the police have refused to release his body. To me, it is a sign of a cover up. I am thinking they need time to hide evidence. Of course nothing will come of it. the dunceys have already said that they were shot at and their actions were self defence. No amount of contrary claims by relatives, witnesses etc will change that.

Trinidad and Tobago needs a strong independent authority to investigate and punish the dunceys when found guilty of abusing their powers. Sad to say, we will never see that, not in our lifetime. Even if such a body is set up, it will never be given the power or authority it needs to carry out its duties; it will be just another toothless bulldog along with the many others already set up.

The Integrity Commission, the Public Service Commission, the Police Service Commission, the Ombudsman... all are examples of toothless bulldogs that cannot back up their supposed 'authority'. What we need to do is give them teeth.