16 Apr 2008

God's gift

You know, one thing I noticed about dunceys - they quick to 'tackle' any woman looking even halfway decent. I don't know what goes on in the mind of a duncey, but somehow, once they put on that uniform, is like they get a blessing from somewhere. They feel as if they are God's gift... not to mention feeling all powerful too.

Now God bless man with two heads, a big one and a small one. Them dunceys does use the small one more often than the big one.

I personally know of dunceys who set up men who have pretty wife, pretty girlfriends, pretty daughters, just so they could move in on the woman when de man in jail - or worse, they make the woman 'save' she man by sleeping with them.

Now what start this rant this morning was an article pointed out to me (and I missed by the way). This duncey hiding a nubile young 19 years old Columbian woman... well, we know why. It ent for the housekeeping skills you know.

I'll tell you a story that is as true as the sun rising.

One PC Ramai ( I call the name because the story is true, but he might have been promoted by now - he was a PC then) came to San Fernando General Hospital one night for medical reports. Coincidentally, a very pregnant woman from Gasparillo about to give birth and in distress was in A & E. The nurses and doctors were very busy with a major car accident and I remember I was trying to assist by filling out the paperwork and freeing up the nurse so the lady could be admitted to the maternity ward.

She being in distress could not answer the questions, so I was trying to get the relevant information from her sister, a very attractive woman in her early 20s. Well, this PC Ramai, on duty and in uniform was a bit tipsy and hitting on the woman so hard that she kept moving away from him. I guess if your sister is in distress you really ent want a man trying to get in your pants.

I finally had to ask him to wait till I got the information, and he could do whatever he wanted after the patient (the pregnant sister) was up on the ward. Well, who tell me open my mouth! The man start to rant and rave, and do all but foam at the mouth, though I suspect that wasn't far off. He even threatened to 'put a charge' on me.

No joke. I told him my name, then told him that as long as he saw me in Casualty not to come for medical reports unless he was accompanied by his seniors, in uniform, and he could tell the hospital administrator I said so. Well, he did try several times after for reports, he got none, and finally had to send other officers to pick up reports he wanted. He used to come to the entrance, see me and turn back.

As I said before, dunceys think with only one head, and we have numerous examples that it ent the big one. Maybe we should adopt a new motto: Save a duncey, castrate him.