17 Apr 2008

The law about photos

It's interesting that I came across this article on taking photos in a public place. A few times I tried taking photos in the Bullring Mall, and I was stopped by the security guards.

Now I was taking photos of my family who were visiting the mall, and obviously they wanted to take photos with interesting places in the background to show where they had been visiting. One of the perks of travel is the photos that we keep to remind us of the places we have been to.

Photographers have every right to take photos in a public place, and it's crazy for officials to challenge them when there are so many security cameras around and so many people now have cameras on phones. But it's usually inexperienced officers responsible.

"If you are a normal person going about your business and you see something you want to take a picture of, then you are fine unless you're taking picture of something inherently private," says Hanna Basha, partner at solicitors Carter-Ruck. "But if it's the London Marathon or something, you're fine."

I just sent the enquiries team an e-mail, I will post further updates when I get a response.