10 Apr 2008

Medical treatment flies in our face

There is something smelly in Trinidad. It's not just the stench of dead bodies strewn all over the islands - no, not even the smell of corrupt politicians.

What sparked my interest this time is Basdeo Panday taking Oma to London for heart surgery. Once upon a time, this was necessary as Trinidad and Tobago did not have the expertise and/or equipment to do heart surgery.

That has changed. Just recently, a highly qualified heart surgeon took up a post at Mt. Hope. So it's just possible that any surgery can be done there, or privately in a local private hospital.

It is still the norm however, that the highly placed individuals, the money men, the high profilers always go abroad for medical treatment, from heart and eye surgery to bionic penile implants.

In the meantime, the lower income brackets suffer for basic medical care. Now, I have no problems with Oma going for medical care abroad, but I do have a problem when going abroad is the first call, and not a last resort.

Say what - money talks.