11 Apr 2008

New Maths

I am trying to figure out the Maths, logic, economics behind this article. From what I understand, the government had $US 63 Millions to put out for a Bombardier jet. No jet was bought, and the money was allegedly returned to the government coffers.

But now we have to borrow $US 24.5 millions from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to develop a security programme to be implemented in crime hot spot areas.

What gives? Why not use the jet money to finance the crime initiative? By the way, are you dear readers wondering what this security program is? I am too. Actually, I am wondering if this is one of the ideas (or several ideas) that we paid millions to Mastrofski to come up with, or whether they are going back to the drawing board. Of course, in the case of the latter, the question arises, why did we pay the goodly professor? I am beginning to wonder now if he has PNM ties...

By the way, doesn't Emily Dick-Forde look like a candidate for a government credit card makeover?