29 Apr 2008

The other side of the story

Funny that 5 ministers described Rowley as a man of hooligan, "wajang" behaviour. Well four, one claimed he saw nothing wrong and was not offended.

This according to the Gospel of St Pa-trick.

Today though, the Express reports:

Several ministers who were part of the 2002-2007 Cabinet, which approved the construction of an Academy for the Performing Arts Centre, stated yesterday that they knew nothing about a 60-room hotel.

The source added that there was a particular member of F&GP who used language that was offensive and who used to "belittle other Ministers", but it was not dismissed Trade Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Several other sources confirmed that they never heard anything about any 60-room hotel and that no such note came to the Cabinet.

So one again, the nation's top Christian is caught in yet another lie. I dunno, if Robbie wasn't so old and stricken with mental problems he might be cooking in his own guilty conscience as it tries to justify those moral grounds.

However, former agriculture minister, Jarette Narine, agrees with Prime Minister Patrick Manning's assertion that a presentation was in fact made, which talked about a 60-room hotel at the facility. But he had no recollection on whether that formed the basis of a Cabinet note which was approved by the Cabinet on the project.

"But the Prime Minister is right, there was indeed a presentation," he said.

Well, I know which position Narine aiming for in the new scheme of things. Like he want to take over from Tattoo.

Amazing. I didn't there'd be a fight for that position, but in Monkey Island, I'm seeing that anything is possible now, eh?