19 Apr 2008

Response to Captain Walker

Captain Walker took exception to my post on the story of the nurse smacking her son for being rude. I implied she was correct.

His response is here but my reply needs its own space I think:

A smack on the bottom for a child being deliberately rude to his parents (father was present) is hardly 'assault and battery'. It is discipline. There is no evidence of physical damage to the child in any story, neither was there evidence the CPS could hold up as being strong enough to prosecute. That throws your legal standpoint out the window... far, far out the window.

What this 'proves' (I use the word cautiously in that it adds to already strong evidence) that children often take their ideas of their 'rights' to extremes, often punishing good parents who try to teach them some moral and ethical lessons., further contributing to the growing delinquency in youths and encouraging their yob behaviour.

A look overall at the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour (on the larger social scale) shows that 30 or 40 years ago, children who were disciplined and taught right from wrong did not turn out like youths today. They turned out to be largely productive with a healthy respect and yes, fear of law and law enforcement officials and parents. Fear is a healthy thing, it keeps the adrenalin going and keeps us minding the Ps and Qs.

Now, with every Tom, Dick and Harry having a degree and qualification trying to get in the limelight and publishing this study and that study for their 15 seconds of fame, we fail to see the bigger picture. Padna, yuh cyah walk up to Buckingham Palace at the front door and expect to see the whole blinking thing. No, you have to step back to take it all in and see it plain.

There is an overall deterioration in society that proving de idiots so, so wrong and yet we fail to see. Wha Shakespeare say? Failing to see the wood for the trees?

Not all the time the law is correct which is why we have amendments, and precedents can be overturned. So thinking that the law is the final stance is not productive thinking, it needs to be challenged, daily and on a case by case basis if need be... so I reserve judgement on this... the law bears me out in this case. Common sense went out the window.