24 Apr 2008

Rowley fired!


Keith Rowley, in a continuing trend of Pa-trick's dictatorial attitude towards all and sundry - has been fired.

Rowley revealed that last week Monday at the F&GP Committee meeting, he raised strong objections following a presentation by UDeCOTT chairman Calder Hart, in which he revealed that a 60-room hotel was being built at the Centre for the Performing Arts.

While the Cabinet knew that several rooms were being constructed, members were shocked to learn the rooms numbered 60, and that it was to become a hotel.

Rowley said he used no obscene language, did not bang on his desk, nor did he shout or attack anyone. He said he merely questioned the large sums which UDeCOTT was expending without proper oversight. He added that as a Minister who understood the modus operandi of UDeCOTT, he felt "duty-bound to intervene".

Damn, getting fired for having a conscience, in the PNM. What does that say? The PNM ent want anybody with a conscience, or to oppose Pa-trick. Allyuh ent realise that yet?

There are times when I thought the people around him might have reined in the excesses of Pa-trick, but as we can see, slowly and surely he is terminating their services. Does he expect to live forever, you think? Or is he planning a Manning legacy and bringing in Brian to manage more than a non-existing basketball league? Speaking of which, I'd love to be paid for a job that doesn't exist.

Ken Valley said yesterday that "those who have ears to hear, would have heard what he said before the election (about Prime Minister Patrick Manning)".

Persad-Bissessar told the Express that the People's National Movement is "engaged in weapons of mass distraction" and the firing of Rowley will not change the price of food nor will it deal with the issue of crime.

Hmm, I wonder if the fact that he may be next is what has Tattoo defending the indefensible so enthusiastically?