21 Apr 2008

Shape up or ride out, Mr CoP

This is an open letter to Police Commissioner Trevor Paul.

Mr Paul, we are fed up of your excuses. That's all you seem good for these days. Whenever you come out and say anything it's to say, "it's not my fault.''

Really?As the old saying goes.. "If not you, who?''

Your job is to make sure the Police Service works.

That's it. If you can't do your job, then maybe you might think about taking up another line of work that is less strenuous. I hear KFC is hiring these days.

We want results, not the same old platitudes you continuously spew to try and make everyone feel sorry for you. I've got an urgent message for you from the populace at large.

We don't care any more!

Your ineptitude is putting both the populace and your very men's lives at risk on a daily basis. While everyone is desperately trying to find a solution to the crime situation; while officers are continuously under fire and in constant danger for their lives and the lives of their families, you're busy writing your next speech to explain why the failures should not be laid at your doorstep.

The passengers didn't cause the Titanic to sink. The captain did. Right now, thanks to you, the iceberg of unrelenting crime and chaos threatens to sink the good ship Trinidad and Tobago.

It's time to either do your job or make way for someone who can. In other words, Mr Paul; It's time to put up or shut up.

A Petit

via e-mail

I couldn't help but feel the frustration of this writer, but then it occurred to me: KFC is private sector employment, and I doubt very much Trevor Paul has the necessary qualifications to get in, or can meet the higher standards required to work at KFC.