7 Apr 2008

Street Breeding? Get out, get out.

Sometimes, I think I can't possibly be surprised at how low things can go in Trinidad and Tobago, and still be accepted by people. Then I am corrected.

Imagine, a woman who attempted to stand up to men verbally heckling her daughter is shot dead. And the gunman calmly walks away, knowing that he is as safe as a babe in arms. Funnily enough, she was shot away from where the incident happened, so the gunman followed her and then shot her.

Sagram and her relatives left Grand Bazaar and went to the 'On the Block Bar' at Caura Junction, El Dorado, where they ordered drinks and were talking about the rock concert. At about 5 am, a gunman entered the bar walked up to Sagram and fired eight shots at her in full view of stunned patrons at the popular bar.

Eight shots? For a woman defending her daughter from hecklers (who I am sure were making sexually suggestive remarks)?

Are we now to let our daughters be bred out in the streets by all and sundry who take a fancy to them? Because that is where this type of behaviour is headed. I wonder though if someone takes a fancy to Brian Manning and breeds with him out in the street how that will be accepted by Pastor Pa-trick?

What is again very annoying is that the population has once again calmly accepted this type of behaviour (both the heckling and shooting) as a matter of course. There is no protest, no outcry, no voices condemning this act.

Not one religious leader, (I don't expect anything from community leaders as Pa-trick labelled a certain group), not one Minister, not a single voice lifted in protest as I write this. We just accept this as being the way things are.

Sagram was drinking a beer when a gold coloured Toyota Hilux pulled up.

So did anyone get the licence plate number? Was the police made aware of any details? Not that I expect any result, but at least one can hope.

These are the things that prevent me from returning to Trinidad. regardless how many people say crime only affects a certain strata of society, this is proof here that it DOES NOT. The sheer randomness of something like this affecting anyone should be ample warning to get out, get out!