18 Apr 2008

That's insulting, isn't it?

Police investigating police. Sounds familiar?

Roach Acting CoP Glen Roach, has appointed another duncey to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct by a police officer during a raid at a hotel in Chaguanas, last week.

Allegations? If anyone doubts it happens, I would be quite surprised, especially knowing Trinidadian dunceys.

Anyway, let me do my prediction... nothing will come of this because...

a) there will be no evidence

b) there will be no witnesses or

c) the witnesses will conveniently lose their memories.

Anyway, the investigator has 2 weeks to report on this. Considering it takes a typical duncey about that time to tie his shoelaces I have small hopes it will be done. You know, the 0.01%...

And have you noticed a trend? The dunceys after white-skinned Columbians now, no more Indians or other dark skinned women again. I don't know if the women in Trinidad ought to feel relieved... or insulted.

PS After thinking 'bout a face like that one in the photo grunting over me (if I were a woman in Trinidad) I got my answer to my last question.