22 Apr 2008

Timing is everything

Jerry Narace made a particularly idiotic statement some time ago. I commented upon it shortly after he made it. Of course, it took MATT some considerable time to come up with a statement.

This is what I meant about responsibility and discipline and how Trinis are never on time when I blogged yesterday, and why no progress will be made in the near future. Vision 2050 maybe.

Keeping with the theme of health care, this morning I went to my local hospital, a 1200 bed hospital with a staff of over 6500.

Get this: A & E had 4 persons waiting. FOUR!! 4 (in case you did not get it). 4 at 9:00 AM.

I've never seen that in Trinidad even during the coup of 1990. I wonder how they get people to visit GP's instead of A & E.

Oh shit... it's discipline. The GP's go to work for 8:00 AM and are there in their offices till 6:00 PM so the people know where to find them!  Oh, and the people themselves are disciplined enough to go there first, rather than A & E.

F**K, there's a new idea for Narace to think bout.