5 Apr 2008

The Trini thing

Once again, the PNM has proven how dotish its ministers are.

Peter Taylor, the Consumer Affairs minister is trying to downplay the food looting in the Beetham stretch.

The fact that the looters stole basic food items this time, what does that indicate? Usually the goods that are stolen are those that are easily resalable, have a market for and can be easily 'fenced' to provide an income.

Now, Taylor attempts to isolate this incident by justifying it as a normal thing. I personally have witnessed looters scrambling up onto moving trucks and removing cases of scotch and apples (close to Christmas time) and then scampering away like gleeful monkeys.

But those items would bring in good income at Christmas time. What is different here is that now they are stealing the basic staples.

One can argue that again, they are capitalising on meeting a market demand, that the quantities stolen could not possibly be for personal use, and that any shortage will bring great income from reselling to desperate buyers. All solid arguments, but not to deviate from the issue...

...they are capitalising on a situation that is very real! There is a shortage of these items, and whether the government likes it or not, the fault lies at least partially on its doorsteps.

That the minister also admits that looting has been going on for years is no excuse either. This is a PNM stronghold, supporting a government that has been in power for over 4 decades. That they have not been able to curb lawlessness or provide adequate support for their own supporters (diehard ones too) is a damning indictment on the PNM, a case of neglect that would have any parent hauled before the courts and locked up.

Essentially though, what minister Taylor is doing is the Trini thing - throwing up his hands and saying 'wey we goh do?'

I'll tell you what to do. Get off your arse, get Paul, Roach et all off their arses, and start working. Better yet, resign.