10 Apr 2008

Trinidad reality

I've been talking to a few people online in Trinidad... people who are telling me they cannot get flour to buy. Imagine, one lady says its just her, hubby and a single child and the food bill for a month is over $2000. Just remember, NFM says there is no shortage.

And a friend has been trying to call the Immigration Office in San Fernando for TWO DAYS for me. No answer at all on the phones. Vision 2020, I think. I guess it means they will start answering phones in 2020.

I've written to the Ombudsman several times over 2 years, no response. Amery Browne, Minister of Social Development cannot be found. Neither the Director of Social Welfare incidentally.

Inland Revenue lost my records for the period 1993 to now... it's a good thing I have a friend working there who spent about 4 months tracking it down and at last found it some 2 weeks ago.

A transformer blew on a T&TEC pole in a village in south Trinidad, mashing up every appliance in the village (from fridges and TVs to computers). T&TEC disclaims responsibility. Incidentally, the entire village is related to Shermie McNicolls.

Hundreds of phones are down and TSTT has no idea how or why, but worse than that, they can't even get around to fixing them till months have passed.

A private hospital removes the wrong knee on a patient (dare I ask HOW?), the victims of an ambulance fire has to sue the company to get medical treatment.

Thieves stole 27 cases of puncheon rum worth $27,000. That's $1000 a case; a case has 12 bottles I understand. WTF?

I guess we do need a private jet after all - for all the people who want to get out!