6 Apr 2008

Untrained louts, these dunceys

One position I have always maintained is that Trinidad and Tobago's duncey police are untrained louts in uniform (barring a few exceptions obviously).

They are quick to anger, quick to ill manners, quick to rough up and bully, and quick to pull firearms.

I have always maintained that putting guns into the hands of dunceys is a dangerous thing, and not necessary for the majority of their work. I cannot see why they can't be put on the streets with their batons, - and yes, short pants - again.

A specially trained, specially screened and selected group (created legally of course, not like SAUTT) to be quickly deployed to trouble areas, much like the SWAT teams the Americans use. It is a similar situation in England. Police here are unarmed, except for these specialised units. And there is more law and order here than in Trinidad and Tobago. Go figure.

Perhaps if this was done in Trinidad and Tobago, these louts in disguise would not be so quick to anger, and draw a firearm for every sundry reason.

Here we have a duncey (or maybe more than one) shooting (most likely in the back) a man who, afraid of being caught for smoking marijuana, decided in an ill-fated moment, to escape. I can picture in my head the anger of the duncey who pulled his weapon and shot the fellow from behind. The victim is now dead, in what would be a murder if laws are actually recognised in Monkey Island.