15 Apr 2008

Vision 2050, here we come

Yesterday I was having a conversation with two friends, both Trinis who are here in the UK on holidays.

We were discussing Pa-trick's Vision 2020 and to be honest, having a good laugh over it. Because we know that what Pa-trick is trying to achieve is more like Vision 2050.

Lest you wonder what I mean, let's look at a scenario here.

Trinidad and Tobago wants to host two summits shortly. Important world leaders will be here (or alternatively, look back upon Prince Charles' visit).

First they have to pass through a smelly Beetham Estate (the highway runs close enough to be considered part of the estate), where in all likelihood they will have a police escort so they may not be robbed or witness looting. Short reprieve though.

We next have the smog hanging over the Beetham and NP areas, not to mention the very likely possibility of flooding in South Quay in any hard shower of rain. Drains will overflow, spilling garbage onto the streets, plastic bags and tins, fast food boxes etc on display.

Did I mention the traffic jams? Wait, they may get away from these using police outriders, but at the very least they will see these same outriders pushing law abiding drivers aside even at the risk of damage to their vehicles to make way for the guests, . Oh, I nearly forgot... hopefully they may not experience the potholes everyone else has grown so accustomed to.

Maybe the routes will be planned so they don't have to see vagrants in the nation's capital scrounging through the bins for a meal. Hopefully too, they won't have to go near Woodford Square and see how the PNM treats some of its staunchest supporters.

Hopefully the guests will not be walking around the capital to smell the urine from various corners, due to the lack of public toilets.

The food will be paid for by the government so our guests may have no idea of how much food costs are rising. They will not visit the fertile Caroni lands to see them taken over by housing for PNM supporters.

And last, but not least, they may not get a chance to question Andre Monteil to ask why he has not yet returned the $110 M he still has. Or maybe, they may just want to know how to do it themselves.