25 Apr 2008

Water, water everywhere; not a drop to drink

I thought I'd post some extracts from Lisa Allen-Agostini's column today in the Guardian. A little something to think about.

I was thinking that as I was driving yesterday on the highway, drinking my $6 Cokes and eating my $3 nuts, considering buying a $4 doubles. I had to think well, Lord, look where we reach.

Everything ridiculously expensive. Patos must be lactose intolerant because anybody who have to buy milk, butter or cheese go know that you can't just shrug your shoulders and let the extortionate prices keep on going up.

We could do without some things but when everything, without exception, cost more today than it cost yesterday, what poor people going to eat?

What kind of blind electorate go keep voting in the kind of government that washing we money down the drain on a daily basis while the people catching their nennen?

What kind of people we is that nobody don't say boo when the Central Bank governor say how Government have to stop spending so much money but Government official response is, "No"? To keep spending millions on make-work programmes when it pushing up the cost of services and goods even more, as if it wasn't bad enough already?

Is like we determine to repeat the mistakes we make 20 years ago. More mega-projects like the white elephant hospital in Mt Hope, where half the facilities under cobweb.

More disincentives to educated and promising youths to stay.

The criminals getting younger, and just now the only way you go find a young man is if you go in jail or the cemetery. But is poui season. Just as the flowers falling from the trees as fast as the bloom, just so we boys going, fast fast. Pretty and short lived.

The middle class bussing it, one by one. It used to be bad enough that they was living in their gated communities; at least they was here.

Who could afford was making their children outside long time, and now they calling in the chips. When you looking for them is because they in Toronto or Miami, making a new life like some Cuban refugee.

I ent go lie, I scared to stay here sometimes. The Lady, all of eight years now, ask this morning if we going to have a famine. I didn't know what to say. How you go explain that is not famine, but a sad case of "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink?" Sad to say, but in a few years we going to have another recession and then we go be seeing real pressure.

Trini to the Bone... just as how the two men who sing that don't even live here, we go be hearing plenty of that when the recession hit.

Who going to be the ones staying to hold the place together? Who going to be the ones watching the poui bloom?